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Some of the areas in which we will be conducting research are :

National survey to understand the extent of misconduct happening in organisations

How strong is the ethical leadership (personal integrity) of employees?

How strong is the ethical work culture in the organisation?

What steps are taken by organisations to support individual employees to not participate in ethical transgressions/ bribe giving unethical behaviour/responsible behaviour?

Some of the published Research Papers on Business Ethics are :


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Understanding Business Ethics "SANKALPA: Journal of Management & Research" Reprint of the above article, 2011  SMJV’s CKSVIM (reprint of the above paper)


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Dr. Anita Shantaram and CS Divija Dave, 'HR Manages as Ethical Managers' presented and published in the 1st International HR conference - HR  in search of an identity-changing Business Models: Inroads Made By Technology, on April 6, 2018, hosted by ICFAI Business School, Mumbai.



Write an effective code of conduct


Nimo, Namo and Ethics


Posh Compliance- Progressive Steps