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The GRIT in Integrity


While I was giving a talk on Ethics and I used the word integrity – suddenly the word GRIT popped out of the word integrity.

What I realised in that moment is that Integrity cannot exist without GRIT. Maybe that is why 'grit' is firmly in the middle of integrity.

I display ethics and integrity :

1. when I have the strength of character to not give up 

2. when I don’t give in when faced with challenges

3. when I am able to take a tough stand with compassion

To understand the 2 words Integrity and Grit better.

Integrity means the quality of being honest and having a strong moral principle. Strength of character.

GRIT means you have the courage and resolve to stick to what’s right no matter who is watching.

GRIT- One of the best books I read by Angela Duckworth – Prof of Psychology, University of Pennsylvania defines GRIT as ‘perseverance and passion for long term goals’. The reason I decided to pen down this blog is what happened today. This morning, what amused me and also made me cringe is an advertisement for an alcohol company. Surrogate advertising of course. It said, ‘Made of Great Character’. Really!!! How loosely do we use the word integrity/character?

A lot of companies espouse ‘integrity’ as one of their values. A quick look at the list of the top companies in India shows that 1 of every 2 companies has integrity as one of their values.

A deeper study will have to be made to understand and see if integrity is really an espoused value or is it just a display on the wall or website?

Do share your views in the comment section.

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