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100 v/s 1000: Sabse Bada Rupaiya

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A surgical strike by Modi- a brilliant move on all accounts. Makes me wonder why no one thought of this before? Obviously the eradication of black money was at cross-purposes with the government of the day.

The news channels are bursting with validations and questions. Some are stating that if this had been announced just a day before the last day of the black money declaration scheme then we would have recovered so much more. Alas, for all the corrupt ones who did not want to pay the 45% tax!

With the jokes going around in full force, it is pure entertainment for all the honest, salaried taxpayers of the country. It’s finally time for the underdog to celebrate.

Two days ago my website went live. It reinforces the belief that I am on the right track. Individuals and organizations pay heed – IT PAYS TO BE ETHICAL. 

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