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Being an effective trainer- does it come naturally?

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Do you need a 'jockey' to teach you horse riding?

or a 'coach' to teach you swimming, 

or a 'mother /father' to teach you cycling 

or an 'artist' to teach you sketching/painting......? 

The act of training & teaching or sharing knowledge, or transferring a skill or clarifying an attitude requires mastery of subject, love & devotion towards the learner and deep understanding & offering of 'knowledge sharing’. 

Are these trainer skills learnable?

Should we as trainers learn how to learn so that we can teach those who want to learn?

Though many of us would like to believe that trainers are made in heaven just like leaders; we are not all born trainers.

For example, I was a shy silent kid who thought speaking was unnecessary. I sang...I painted...and I excelled in studies - quiet kid you would say. As I crossed 10th class, my father said if the connection between your tongue and brain doesn't work...however sharp your brain maybe you will not go too far.

I took that to heart and learnt how to talk. 

What about the basic skills every trainer must know?

Making impactful talks, meeting learner’s needs and enabling classroom learning are some of the basic skills every trainer must know before stepping in front of a training group.

Though many of us think training is a simple skill, at times learning the basics themselves could take up years of practise.

And of course, we may learn it faster or slower, given some of our contexts and specialisation and background but per se it is tough to believe we are born with these skills. They are developable.

And the more we learn as trainers the more we learn how to help others learn! 

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