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Abhimanyu Dasgupta

Corporate Investigation Counsel at Accenture

"It is an excellent course. The materials are very well prepared and presented. I had a basic understanding of compliance and ethics, however, I was pleasantly surprised that even the concepts that were familiar to me were presented in a new way. I gained new insights into things that I already knew, including a bit of the historical theory. The tests were very well prepared and balanced to the amount of theoretical texts. The examples of real cases were very appropriate and interesting. I really enjoyed this course and it was one of my best educational experiences. Congratulations to the team for developing this course."

CA Ranjit Newaskar

Senior Third Party Advisor, Maersk Global Service Centres (India) Private Limited

This course was quite comprehensive and well designed. It helped me to update myself with the current trends in the “Compliance and Ethics” area and also to build on my current knowledge and skills. It had a good blend of theoretical and practical knowledge. The sessions held were interactive.
It was overall a very good course. This course would be recommended to the professionals working in the area of “Compliance and Ethics” as well as to people who plan to explore this are in future anytime.

Prajakta Powle,

Company Secretary, BSE Limited

Shri Suhas Tuljapurkar and Dr. Anita Shantaram are doing a great job of enabling a learning environment for compliance professionals over a period of three days. I learned very valuable and essential information during the extensive training course. The practical aspects of managing the complex compliance functions and ensuring buy-ins from the Boards of Corporate India were very lucidly imbibed in our minds. I will surely be using the course manual and training sheets in the years to come. Special mention goes to the Bhopal Gas Tragedy case study which was explained and elaborated by Shri Suhas Tuljapurkar. I would enthusiastically recommend this seminar to all the professionals in the field of compliance who wants to get to a “yes” from top management (ethically, of course!).

Gaurav Gupta

CFO, Tasty Bite Eatables Ltd.

This is one of the most Challenging and Insightful course, though coming from Non Legal background I enjoyed the course and never felt it being TOO Technical. Faculty is just amazing and the quality of course PPTs make it a life-long learning. I am sure this will help me to further AIM for the higher standards of Learning, Governance and Ethics in My personal and professional Life.
Thanks again to LEGASIS Team and also to Dr. Anita as without her motivation and support I would have never passed the examination which is UNIQUE

Saroj Yadav

Deputy Manager-Third Party Compliance, Becton Dickinson India Pvt. Ltd.

Thank you Dr. Anita for taking us through this wonderful training session. The content, sessions, material were very to E&C. Special thanks to all faculty for training us. Personally it was the best course I have ever attended.

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